Call Tracking is a Game Changer

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Inbound sales calls are the golden apple in the garden of marketing; they are the single best method of linking sales with their target audience. Given that such a high importance is put on the value of a phone call, it’s surprising how many businesses fall short in their efforts to quantify and measure this important link in the sales chain. How do businesses measure one of the most important points in the sales cycle when they have no clue where the customer calling them even found them in the first place?

Tracking Down The Source of The Call

Joe Trusty of NORCAL, worked with a well known call tracking partner Dialogtech (formerly IfByPhone), to set up a sophisticated IVR to handle inbound calls for Premier Pools. Shortly thereafter we were able to identify a number of problems endemic to their vertical which is Construction / General Contracting.

Since implementing call tracking for them we also helped Premier gain a wealth of insight and a big advantage over their competitors. Premier is now able to track how effective each one of their marketing pieces actually is. We’ve also given them the ability to QA their inbound sales process. This business intelligence also has the added benefit of giving them an accurate measure on the ROI driven by their various marketing efforts. They use this tool as a method to forecast and project lead volume based off similar initiatives.

Main Take Aways


  1. Tracking Phone Calls Helps Identify Flaws In Sales Process
  2. Enables Quality Control With The Implementation of Processes & Procedures
  3. Helps Us Identify The Source Of Our In-Bound Sales Calls


Tieing It Altogether With Event Pushing

Using Google Analytics finer features, like the ability to push an event as a Goal to measure conversions, gives us a way to capture and report on click-to-calls. Giving a conversion value allows us to put an actual fixed dollar amount on what these leads are worth in comparison to say Web Leads, Email, & Print. When using event pushing we are able to easily segment click-to-calls as a Goal and can see exactly how many calls our website drove as well as listen to calls to ascertain whether they are actually leads, customer service issues,  or a non-monetized call.

Here Comes Google Tag Manager To Save The Day

Google recently made it much easier to bind these event parameters making it simple stupid for developers to integrate advanced event pushing and associate them with things like downloads, link clicks, time on site, etc.

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