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In Sacramento many business owners feel it’s hard to open up a brick and mortar location these days. Rents are sky high, and foot traffic is tough to come by. Selling products online is a great way to reach your customers without much overhead. Some people choose to do so because they enjoy working from home. Others sell online as a second source of income. Whatever your motivation, with a little thought and the right know how, selling online is be an easy way to make consistent profits. This article gives you a quick checklist of important things to accomplish in order to successfully start selling online in Sacramento as well as some helpful do’s and don’ts.

Sell Online in Sacramento

Your checklist for getting started:
1. Digitize Your Catalog
2. Build Your Online Storefront
3. Advertise To Your Customers

Digitize Your Catalog

Digitizing Your CatalogBefore you can even think about opening up your online storefront and starting to process orders, there’s the arduous task of digitizing your catalog for web format. If you already have a print catalog, odds are you probably have many of the assets your web developer would need to build your shopping cart. Helpful items to give your web developer:

  • Web copy of your catalog in Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • Excel spreadsheet of your catalog, including prices, shipping, product variables like size, color
  • Photo archive of products organized into folders by category / product type



Build Your Online Storefront

Build Your Online StorefrontOnce you’ve handed over your digitized catalog to your web developer, they can begin building you an online storefront. This will consist of a searchable catalog of all of your products broken down into categories. Visitors to your online storefront will be able to interact with your shopping cart and do a number of things:

  • Create an online profile on your storefront to save order information, customer history, and billing info
  • Order products from your shopping cart using their credit card or paypal account to facilitate payment
  • Use coupons, newsletters, create wish lists, forward to a friend, and many other great features



Advertising To Your Customers

Advertising To Your CustomersNow that the hard part is taken care of we can focus on the fun part. Advertising to your customers and getting traffic to your online storefront. Capturing customers is where it really takes quite a bit of know how but luckily we’re here to show you how to do a number of things that can successfully get your web traffic to convert into sales:

  • Display and contextual ads on Google Adwords advertising your products
  • Remarketing to your web traffic to get them to revisit your site and buy
  • Encourage repeat visitors with social media posts and newsletters containing coupons
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